Create Space

« So many times in my life I have cursed time and distance. Being a little impatient by nature, time and distance frustrate me when I see them only as hindrances to getting me to what or who or where I want. Dreams are taking too long to manifest, that vacation seems too far away, a friendship is taking too long to develop, or the light at the end of this tunnel is so far away I can’t even see it. I start to long for whatever it is that’s on the other end of that line. That longing creates stress. And that longing and that stress rob me of all joy and presence where I reside right now, on the length of line that I am holding.

But as it is with so many things, perspective is everything. Because when all I see is how long the line is between me and what I’m wanting, I fail to see all the space that the distance has created.

I haven’t always been so fond of space. It hasn’t always been such a beautiful word or a powerful motivator. But lately I have seen so much magic manifest out of various kinds of space that I have become a devout believer in its value. When we push for things, long for things, or try to shorten the distance between us and what we want, we are trying to direct the flow of our life. Sometimes this results in us reaching so hard for something that simply isn’t meant for us. When we allow for a little space, what we allow to develop is more organic and custom made for us alone. Almost every time, what has come out of a little space is something far better than we could have imagined or hoped for anyway.

It’s difficult to see the value in this space when we’re stressed or hurting. But an acceptance and a welcoming of the space between where we are now and where we want to be can ease that stress and soften that hurt, maybe just enough to carry you through to the other side. »

Source: The Creative Mama

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